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At TAG Land Ltd we believe in a hands on friendly approach in order to make each and every stage of the business venture as smooth sailing as possible whilst retaining a highly professional manner.

They say “business is business” but we see no harm in having a professional and social interest in our clients, as how else can we fully meet all needs and requirements of all parties involved?

The business was formed and continues to expand on an ethos of a friendly and professional nature and a belief that honesty has always been and will always be the best policy.

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Our services

We offer both sides of investment opportunities for the sale and acquisitions of land.

In addition, we can aid and support in the process of planning applications, legal requirements, funding of the development and land exchange process.

We offer a fully discreet service and have no problems in arranging full client confidentiality, our knowledge of our clients is paramount to our success therefore enabling us to place the right clients together.

As a modern and expanding company we at TAG Land ltd are fully diverse on all aspects of social media that you would expect as well as the good old fashioned art of being easily reachable by way of telephone and face to face.

We are upfront with our fees and there are no hidden charges.

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